Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Visual Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Reddit, Facebook or myspace, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr … even Foursquare, Tweets, and Google Plus. Think what all these public networking websites have in common? They are all extremely noticeable websites. Each of these public networking websites features noticeable content in some way.

Visual-based public networking, like images, visual images, and video clips, is becoming a very useful device for businesses to use. Visual press is actually pretty simple to create, too. You do not have to be a wedding professional photographer, and you do not have to use elegant equipment to get your noticeable point across to clients.

Here are five guidelines to help you get started making excellent visual-based public media:

1. Display off your things.

If you are a company promoting a item, this part is simple. Simply take some images of your items, and publish them in the public networking websites that most of your clients use (most likely, that is Facebook or myspace and Twitter).

Don’t think of these images as some sort of prolonged item collection. Instead, discuss images of new items that you are thrilled about. Post the picture, and write a passage about the item, too. Share WHY you are thrilled about it. Discussing that passion allows get your devoted clients thrilled too – especially if they can SEE the thing you are thrilled about.

Not a product-selling business? That’s ok – images perform here, too. For example, if you perform for a non-profit abandoned protection, take some images of your “product” — the abandoned protection.

2. Display off your Team.

This someone’s terrifying to some, but so beneficial. Take some images of your employees, and publish those images to your public networking websites. Most likely, somewhere in your strategic plan is the concept of creating continuous connections with do it again clients, right? One way to do that is to help your clients link with your company. No one prefers to “friend” a coffeeshop … but people DO like to “friend” Jill, who is really nice and makes that awesome soy milk products cappucino for them every Wednesday.

See the concept here? Display your clients the friendly encounters behind your company. That allows clients link with your employees, and therefore, your company. One warning here – no presented “suit and tie” photos! Also, no “T-shirt and beer” images either (well, unless you own a sports bar).

3. Get Near.

Here’s an important tip. You do not need to use fancy-schmansy camcorders – your iPhone works fine. But please DO get up near to the person or item you are photographing! Create sure to complete the shape with the picture. In many cases, images submitted to public networking websites will be considered in a little, thumbnail-sized box first. So the topic of your picture needs to be clearly noticeable, even at a little size.

So complete the shape, and do not be reluctant to get nearby.

4.Great Lighting style is Key

Get the best lighting you possibly can! You do not have to buy expensive facilities lighting systems to achieve better lighting (though it certainly does not hurt). Just ensure that to use whatever lighting you have to your advantage.

To get better “natural” lighting, try these simple tips: turn on the expense lighting before you take a picture, even if the room you are in seems really brightly lit. Create sure the light is behind you when you take a picture. If you are outside, you should (and your camera) have your returning to the sun. This way, your topic will be well-lit. If you are inside, put your returning to a brightly-lit window. Move a light nearer to the topic.

5. Create your Photos Employed to Customers

In general, use these noticeable sharing possibilities to be beneficial to your clients and customers. “Being helpful” might mean any number of things. It could mean sharing a picture of a new sales rep. If your building has had a recent addition, ensure that to to discuss that with clients. Some companies discuss images of how their item works, or how to fix a problem.

Another way to think about being beneficial is this – just the act of sharing images of items, services, and employees beneficial. You are creatively displaying your clients the who and what of your company. When those clients come visit your company, they will already know who to ask for, and what they’re looking for, because you have already distributed that information with them. You have made their process (i.e., buying something from your business) that much easier.

So dirt off that iPhone contacts, get your photographic camera out of the bag on the display, and begin sharing creatively with your clients. Follow these simple guidelines, and you can begin helping your clients and customer be successful. And you can begin the next day.


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