Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Start Online Web Design Business

It’s never been easier to create a website. Anyone can go to and set one up in a few minutes. There are also alternatives like Wix and 1and1 where you can buy “off the peg” websites that you can personalize to work for you. Here research why I would never use “easy build” website alternatives like these.

Content Control Techniques (many of them Start Source) have hopped up over the last ten years that give the website proprietor the capability to add content to the website without having to get in touch with a professional developer (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla ! ! etc.)

Added to this there are many websites (for example, oDesk and Elance) where you can work with website designers and designers from Asia and The southern part of Europe at competitive prices.
But not everyone can create a successfully marked online business

Given all methods and sources making website growth and control as easy as pie, where does this keep me, the moderate separate specialist trying to create a living? The reaction is in a very fantastic way.

The need for a designer to create a website that works is still fantastic. I have found that in order to deal against Asian outsourcing, etc., you need to offer a full assistance.

Try to extend the range of alternatives you can offer a customer. Do not just design and create websites. Provide customer SEO alternatives, content alternatives, copy confirming, public social networking, camcorders, video, etc.

Don’t water down your main website capabilities but regularly be looking to add to the alternatives you already offer. If one customer specifications a particular assistance that one doesn't currently offer, you can bet other clients will be passionate about the same assistance as well.

So, with that said, I’m going to create down a conclusion of alternatives you can offer a customer. I’m always getting e-mails from potential buyers about web alternatives and it’s fantastic to be able to place something I’ve already released to reaction them. You can use any of the following wrapped released written text with your potential buyers.


For every website to be efficient it needs a objective. It is essential to know the audiences and the means to reach them. Most clients will have this already determined before they get in touch with you but you will be surprised how many do not.

For those that do not here is something you can create in an e-mail to try to understand more about their company.


Even though I call myself a web designer, the design bit is actually an extremely small – although perfect – part of the job!

The design of a new website can often start with the design of a new company logo. Creating pictures is one of the most complex but most satisfying projects of a specialist. Sometimes, if the symbol goes well, there is a efficient web growth process.

I offer my clients to “see” the web site and maybe one other website as a visual mock-up in Photoshop first. (See above for an example of this.) We can then finish the primary framework of the website before going to the development level.

As we have already had a discussion about the website's objective, the design mock-ups hardly ever go through more than 3 or 4 levels of changes. It’s important that the customer is aware of that changes after this point will be more time-consuming.
There are many factors we can do in the growth process that advantage the customer – especially the SEO important actions – so it’s important that we determine what we are doing in the credentials.

Here are some of the 15 projects I do to every customer website after I set up WordPress:

There are many factors we can do in the growth process that advantage the consumer – especially the SEO important actions – so it’s important that we determine what we are doing in the qualifications.


Here are some of the 15 projects I do to every customer site after I set up WordPress:

  •     Build a favicon. This may also be a rectangle symbol that is useful for Facebook or myspace and  Tweets information.
  •     Ensure that the URLs look excellent. Set Permalinks to %postname%.
  •     Create an XML sitemap.
  •     Get rid of supply at feedburner.
  •     Sign-up with Search engines Webmaster Resources and publish the sitemap.
  •     Sign-up with Search engines Locations for Company.
  •     Create a get in touch with web page type with a get in touch with page.
  •     Ensure that there is a procedure in place to back-up both the information and the data resource.
  •     Install Search engines Statistics.
  •     Ensure that excellent headings on pages with an SEO plug-in. This may include establishing up and  establishing up Yoast’s WordPress SEO plug-in. Or, as I like to do, use the Genesis SEO configurations effectively.
  •     Add hyperlinks to the customer's public sites
  •     Add public discussing buttons
  •     Guaranteeing appropriate caching and hosting server side balance and rate.

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